Proposal Guidelines And Samples


Submissions must meet posted deadlines

Note: For any course revisions (e.g. number change, title change, requisite change, grading type change, unit change), the effective term must be a term for which enrollment has NOT already begun (e.g. Department is submitting to the FEC, a proposal in the summer for the fall quarter, and the next FEC meeting is scheduled for fall, after fall enrollment has begun, the earliest effective date could be winter).

Departments should refer to both:

1) the FEC calendar to anticipate FEC action date.

2) the Schedule of Classes to determine when enrollment begin for a specific term

Departments often submit proposals to the FEC for the following reasons:

Note:  When submitting any course addition or changes, please be sure to attach a cover memo addressed to the FEC Chair and a Catalog copy with the current and proposed format.  If there are any supporting departments, be sure to include documents from each department stating their reasons for supporting the propsoal.

If you have any questions, or wish to consult someone before submitting a proposal, please contact Myrna Reneau, , with cc:Jan LaBuda at



Departments may initiate course actions (additions/deletions/revisions) via CIMS. The Registrar’s office will automatically update the catalog with these changes, after school approval.

If your department wishes to make minor changes to the catalog text, please communicate the changes directly with Mary Anne Gerber, 6426 BH, . If the changes are deemed significant, you may be directed to the FEC to obtain approval.


Procedural Manual for the Review of Proposals for Academic Programs and Units

Compendium: Universitywide Review Processes for Academic Programs, Academic Units, and Research Units

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