Faculty/Staff Contacts For Course Approval

Faculty & Staff for Course Revisions F’18
Li Song Chair
Dino Di Carlo Grad Vice Chair
Jacob Schmidt Ugrad Vice Chair
Stacey Tran Fong Staff
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Panagiotis Christofides Chair
Philippe Sautet Grad Vice Chair
Panagiotis Christofides Ugrad Vice Chair
Alain De Vera Staff
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Ertugrul Taciroglu  Chair
Jennifer Jay Grad Vice Chair
Jian Zhang Ugrad Vice Chair
Jesse Dieker Staff
Ben Rossi Staff
Computer Science
Adnan Darwiche Chair
Glenn Reinman Grad Vice Chair
Rich Korf Ugrad Grad Vice Chair
Pending Staff
Electrical & Computer Engineering
Greg Pottie Chair
Mona Jarrahi Grad Vice Chair
Abeer Alwan Ugrad Vice Chair
Deeona Columbia Staff
Jackie Trang Staff
Materials Science & Engineering
Bruce Dunn Chair
Yu Huang Grad Vice Chair
Ya-Hong Xie Ugrad Vice Chair
Patti Barrera Staff
Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Timothy Fisher Chair
Pirouz Kavehpour Grad Vice Chair
Ajit Mal Ugrad Vice Chair
Annie Lee Staff
MS Online
Jenn-Ming Yang Director j
Shanna Revoner Staff
Revised: 7/26/2018

*At the December 5, 2003 meeting it was agreed that each department would select a faculty member (not necessary to be on FEC) to be responsible for signing off (via CIMS) on all submitted course proposals. Department staff will forward all course proposals to the above named faculty prior to submitting for FEC action.