New Minor

Important Notes When Proposing New Minors


If you are unsure of what the FEC can approve, and what needs to go to the Undergraduate Council, please consult Part IIof the Undergraduate Course and Program Approval Guide

  • “The minor will have a requirement of no fewer than seven courses or 28 quarter units, and no more then nine courses or 36 quarter units. For seven or eight course minors, at least five courses must be upper division and for nine course minors, six must be upper division. Requirements for the minor must be published in the General Catalog by the department or IDP offering the minor” upon approval.
  • “Proposal for a minor needs to specify whether the minor will be part of a department (like the Environmental Engineering minor is under Civil Engineering) — or a standalone interdisciplinary minor within HSSEAS (like Civic Engagement minor and Disability Studies minor in the College). If the minor will be a stand-alone minor in HSSEAS, a faculty committee needs to be set up to administer the minor (see Civic Engagement or Disability Studies minors for their copy as examples), and you will need a Scope and Objectives paragraph (see the same minors for examples).”
  • “A minimum of 20 units applied toward the minor requirements must be in addition to units applied toward major or minor requirements in another department or program.”

Procedure for Submitting New Minors

1. Department needs to write a memorandum to the FEC Chair. If the change is considered to be extensive, a Department Faculty vote should be included.

–  New Minor Memorandum (Sample)*

* NOTE: Although the above sample does not do so, it is advised to include the term when the changes should be made effective.

2. The department will need to include a new minor proposal.

–  New Minor Proposal (Sample)

3. Department needs to submit both the memorandum and proposal to OASA, 6426 BH, ATTN: Myrna Reneau, , with cc: Jan LaBuda, for FEC review.

4. It is advised that you meet the FEC posted submission deadlines to expedite the processing of your proposal.