HSSEAS Faculty Executive Committee Meeting
Friday, Dec 1, 2017
10AM – 12 NOON


  1. Welcome
  2. Draft Minutes of the Oct 13, 2017 meeting (will be sent by email)
  3. New Courses:
    a. BIOENGR C146 BIOENGR C246 – From Bench to Bedside – How to Develop and Commercialize New Products
    b. EC ENGR 233 – Wireless Communications System Design, Modeling and Implementation
    c. MAT SCI 261 – Risk Analysis for Engineers & Scientists
    d. COM SCI 168 – Computational Methods for Medical Imaging – Memo
    e. COM SCI M186LS/BIOENGR M186LS* – Systems Biomodeling & Simulation Basics – Memo
    f. COM SCI 192A – Learning Assistant Pedagogy Course – Memo
    g. EC ENGR C243A/EC ENGR C143A – Neural Signal Processing and Machine Learning
  4. Revised Courses via CIMS – Consent Calendar Click here to view all Course Revisions – Courses_Revised
    Note: All ECE Grad courses listed are  revisions
     “To add a graduate TA discussion section which will help with the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department’s increasing graduate enrollment.” Except for ECE231A
  5. CS/CSE Revision to Software Construction Lab* – Catalog Copy
  6. AE Curriculum Revisions  – Catalog Copy
  7. Academic Senate Task Force – Deadline January 12, 2018
    a.Civic Engagement – Report
    b. Education Task Force – Report
    c. Research Innovation – Report
    d. Global Outreach Task Force – Report
    e. Institutional Effectiveness Task Force –Report
  8. New Business
    Note: New Course 3.e. ComSci M186LS/BioEngr M186LS is included in the revisions on Agenda Item #5