Agenda_April 8_2016

HSSEAS Faculty Executive Committee Meeting
Friday, April 8, 2016
10AM – 12 NOON

  1.  Welcome/Introduction of Members
  2. Draft Minutes of March 11, 2016 meeting (sent via email)
  3. New Course on CIMS:
    a. MAT SCI 260 – Simulation-Based Risk and Reliability Analysis Proposal for Review
  4. Revised Courses on CIMS-Consent Calendar:
    a. C&EE 103 – Applied Numerical Computing & Modeling in C&EE Proposal for Review
    b. C&EE C104 – Structure, Processing, and Properties of Civil Engineering Materials Proposal for Review
    c. MAE 97 – Statics & Strength of Materials Proposal for Review
    d. MECH&AE 235A – Nuclear Reactor Theory Proposal for Review
    e. MECH&AE M237B/EL ENGR M287 – Fusion Plasma & Analysis Proposal for Review
    f. COM SCI 180 – Introduction to Algorithms and Complexity Proposal for Review
  5. Proposal for MSOL Oversight Committee MSOL_update_March2016
  6. Select an Honors & Awards Committee FEC Honors&Awards
  7. Planning of Town Hall Meeting – Friday, June 3rd
  8. New Business